Not Tonight Honey ! A woman band that moves a lot ! A large bowl of good humor to consume without moderation !

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But what it actually? A screaming metal bandA choir of young prepubescentNah ... This is clearly a bandBut beware, not like a band that sits in a football stadium since prehistoric times, no! It is composed of twenty ladies (and their instruments) who to set fire to every place they go. With their sparkling melodies that would make an official municipal enjoy life, their costumes to rival Barbara Cartland, smiles and shouts of joy thrown of to the crowd, you get a punchy and explosive cocktail.

They proudly play covers such as the generic of “Derrick” or great standards like SweetDreams from Eurythmics and the icing on the cake is  a techno mix from 2 Unlimited andSalt'n'Pepa ! When you speak of kitsch, we swim in it up to our neck!